Professional Development


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Educational initiatives are increasingly popular in American schools as a way to promote math and sciences to prepare students for success in technical fields in universities and the workforce.  STEAM adds the A in arts to the acronym, and fuses the natural creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving attributes of the arts into the curriculum to foster innovation and use of the creative process that is needed to engage the whole child and promote high achievement in all areas. Huntsville Ballet’s offers residencies focused on STEAM education, using arts integration to empower classroom teachers to use creative movement and dance to enhance their lesson plans.

Our Discover Dance programs currently provide classes that connect directly to the Kindergarten- 4th grade science pacing guide, modeling successful movement and science integrated lessons that allow a child’s natural propensity towards kinesthetic learning to guide them towards whole-body learning of the subject matter.

Huntsville Ballet is proud to support STEAM initiatives and believes that making connections with Huntsville’s technical and innovative character will further our mission of providing the community with a sense of ownership in their ballet company, while encouraging a lifelong-love of dance for all people.