Huntsville Ballet School COVID Operating Information and Procedures

General – Face coverings are required in the common areas of the building (except when adequate social distancing is possible). We encourage face coverings in the studio, but they are not required during physical activity.

  • The building will remain closed to non-students after 3:00pm daily, and all day Saturday.

o Payments can be made through your Danceworks account, by mail, or your student may bring payment in a sealed, clearly labeled envelope.

  • Only students who are registered for class that day will be permitted in the building.

o For those times it is necessary to prepare your student on the premises (to use the facilities), we ask that you use the restroom stalls (we clean those surfaces regularly) and do not linger.

  • Instructors will wear a face covering when within 3 to 4 feet of an unvaccinated person.
  • Surfaces will be disinfected between classes with EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants.
  • As always, if your student is showing symptoms of illness, keep them home for the safety of all.  We care about our students and so ask that you keep us updated on his/her recovery!

Before you arrive –

  • Liability Waivers:   Be sure you have signed and submitted the COVID liability page.  If we have a completed waiver on record from the 2020/2021 season, there is no need to submit another.
  • Face Coverings:

o Common areas - We require face coverings to be worn in the common areas of the building where students congregate, when appropriate distancing is not possible.

o Studio – Face coverings are optional during physical activity. You have the option to keep your mask on as well as the option to remove your mask during class.

o If you wish for your child to remain masked for the duration of class, please inform us in writing so we may inform faculty and staff to support your student in the studio.

  • Restrooms:  Be sure to use the facilities before you leave your home!  If you are coming right from the carline, please take your student to the restroom before his/her class.  We have too many little ones needing to use the facilities during class interrupting the learning for all.
  • Dressing Rooms:  Arrive dressed and ready for class – dressing rooms remain closed.
  • Water:  Prepare a water bottle and label it clearly – the water fountain remains turned off.
  • Bags/Equipment:  Keep bags to a minimum. Students will bring all items into the studio during class. The goal is to keep items to a minimum for efficient sanitizing and class transitions.

Drop off – it is essential you be on-time for drop off and pick up to help reduce the number of students in the common area.

  • Traffic Flow:  Please enter the parking lot from L&N ONLY; and exit on Regal Drive ONLY.  We realize this may be inconvenient, but traffic flow is important for the safety of your child.
  • A hands free sanitizing station will be available for your student upon entry and exit.
  • Students will be shown to a designated waiting space.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be admitted.  We understand things happen that are not always within your control, however it is important that we remain in control of the environment.
  • If you choose to wait in your car for your child, please park in the upper portion (Aux Parking on your diagram) of the lot.

Pick up – Please arrive on time.

  • Access the parking lot from L&N only; and exit on Regal Drive ONLY.
  • Park in one of the spaces in the lower section of the parking lot (see diagram) and wait for your child to exit and come to you -  Parents of Creative and PreBallet students may enter the building no more than 5 minutes prior to the end of class to retrieve your student.
  • Students will sanitize their hands before they pick up their things to exit the studio.
  • Exit using the Regal Drive access to ease the flow and make our parking lot.