Huntsville’s streets and neighborhoods are buzzing with a new excitement.  We feel it everywhere we go in our hometown and throughout the surrounding region. This burgeoning energy has inspired Huntsville Ballet to dream of building a ballet equal to our city’s future.  We are envisioning a ballet that is…

Artistically innovative yet grounded by technical excellence and nationally respected expertise…just like Huntsville.

Attractive to talented and creative artists who are as diverse and internationally aware as the city we represent.

Driven to assist Northern Alabama’s communities in their priority to create unmatched educational opportunities for our youth.

Focused on elevated technique, artistry, and character within our ballet school as we develop Huntsville’s young dancers into the leaders of tomorrow—regardless of whether their future lies on or off the stage.

Energized to attract new audiences around our region to the art of ballet and to illustrate how dancers strive to beautifully capture and convey the human experience.

We cannot make our dream a reality without you. Your donation, regardless of size, will create the future of Huntsville Ballet. We look forward to sharing the impact of your generosity as we move forward together.